Condado Hotels, Motels and Inns

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Here is a list of Hotels, Motels and Inns that are recommended within Condado area:

Acacia Sea Side Inn (Acacia Boutique Hotel)

Number of rooms: 21 regular and 1 suite
Location: 8 Taft St | Condado, San Juan 00911, Puerto Rico
Rates:  Special Monday-Thursday rates start at $120 per night inclusive of breakfast and 10% discount at the hotel Restaurant.  Weekly rates start at $800 and include breakfast and a 10% discount at the restaurant.
Tel. 1-866-599-6674

Ranked number three among the best hotels in Puerto Rico by Trip Advisor as of 2006, Acacia Sea Side Inn, also known as the Acacia Boutique Hotel, remains one of the most popular hotels among tourists and locals.  It is located in the Condado area in the Santurce district right at the heart of San Juan. Like most other edifices in the Condado area which is east of the historic colonic district of Old San Juan, the hotel exudes the same 17th century colonial charm.  Many of the century old residential mansions in the area have been converted into inns and vacation rental lodges amidst the larger high rise 5-star hotels. To read more about Acacia Sea Side Inn More info.

At Wind Chimes Inn

Number of rooms: 22 regular and 3 suites
Location: 53 Taft ST Condado, 00911 San Juan
Rates from Monday to Thursday:  Special rates start at $ 100 per night plus inclusive of breakfast and an 10% discount on Niche’s dinner. Weekly rates start at $760 with the same amenities.
Tel. 1.787.727.4153

Just like the many colonial homes converted into lodges and inns at the Condado community in San Juan, At Wind Chimes Inn is a low-key inn, a restored colonial Spanish villa.  There’s a high level of competition in the Condado area which is one of the most frequented tourist spots in Puerto Rico.  At Wind Chimes Inn is one of these fine inns competing with the large hotel chains in the area and other former colonial mansions converted to serve the thriving tourism industry.  It’s one of the truly cozy and intimate boutique hotels that are also a walking distance away from the Condado beach and  a short ride from the capital city of San Juan and other landmarks. To read more about At Wind Chimes Inn More info.

Casa Castellana Bed & Breakfast Inn

Number of rooms: 4
Location:  1218 Luchetti Street | Condado, San Juan 00907, Puerto Rico
Rates:  Starting at $125 for off-season and $140 during peak season with two nights’ minimum stay and discounts for longer stay; offers $99 mid-week specials during off season.
Tel. 813-220-1813

Ranked as the Number One among Bed and Breakfast inns by Trip Advisor in the Condado areas of San Juan, the Casa Castellana Bed & Breakfast Inn is a colonial-style Spanish Villa of the 1920s renovated in the 50s and then masterfully restored in the 90s and in 2009.  Few B&B inns can rival its romantic allure and opulence for such a budget price. To read more about Casa Castellana Bed & Breakfast Inn More info

Coral Princess Hotel

Number of rooms: 25 and 3 suites
Location: 1159 Magdalena Avenue Condado, 00907 San Juan
Rates: Starting at $107 inclusive of complimentary continental breakfast
Tel. (787) 977-7700

An elegant 3-storey boutique hotel, the Coral Princess Hotel offers an appealing value alternative to many large hotel chains. It shares the same cozy, intimate and comfortable ambiance with the unmistakable colonial charm of historic edifices in the upscale Condado in San Juan, Puerto Rico.  It competes with many small inns and hotels converted from restored colonial Spanish villas. A small hotel managed directly by its owners, the Coral Princes stands out with a level of personalized service from its dedicated professional staff that is sure to make any guest want to stay a bit longer. To read more about Coral Princess Hotel More info.

Find the best accommodation deals in Condado right here!

Hosteria del Mar

Number of rooms: 24
Location: 1 Tapia St | Ocean Park, San Juan 00911, Puerto Rico
Rates: Starting at $99 for its standard suite
Tel. 787-727-3302

Sprawled right across the splendid Condado beach in San Juan, Puerto Rico is the Hosteria del Mar, a tourist-class hotel that offers a more intimate and cozy ambiance for couples and the family than in most large international hotel chains.  The amenities are not the best but for its price, it offers one of the best deals in town.  And because it’s small, you get a more personalized service with the renowned Puerto Rican hospitality from its professional multilingual staff. To read more about Hosteria del Mar More info.

El Canario by the Lagoon

Number of rooms: 44
Location: 4 Clemenceau Street | Condado, San Juan 00907, Puerto Rico
Rates:  sStarting at $90 per night for a Single room during the off season months and $114 during peak vacation months, exclusive of 9% tax and $3 energy surcharge; $5 discount on all rooms if booked online
Tel. 787-722-5058

Considered as one of leading Bed and Breakfast hotels in San Juan, Puerto Rico, El Canario by the Lagoon is an affordable European-style hotel that exudes a more modern elegance amidst a decidedly colonial upscale residential Condado area of the city.  The hotel is so named as it sits west of the beautiful Laguna del Condado while facing the gorgeous Condado beach on the north side. The hotel is a member of the Puerto Rico Hotel % Tourism Association, the Caribbean Hotel Association and the Puerto Rico Convention Bureau.  AAA rates the hotel as a two diamond. To read more about El Canario by the Lagoon More info.

El Canario Boutique Hotel

Number of rooms: 25
Location: 1317 Ashford Ave | Condado, San Juan 00907, Puerto Rico
Rates:  Starting at $85 per night during off season periods and $105 during the vacation months, with free continental breakfast and 10% discount on Niche’s dinner, exclusive of 9% tax and a 5% surcharge.
Tel. 787-722-3861

One of the best Bed & Breakfast hotels right in the heart of the Condado district, the El Canario Boutique Hotel offers an excellent alternative to many large chain hotels for both leisure and business travelers visiting Puerto Rico’s capital city.  Condado is San Juan’s upscale residential neighborhood with many fine Spanish colonial villas converted into hotels, inns and restaurants. To read more about El Canario Boutique Hotel More info.